Utah based artist, Aljay Fuimaono is emerging in the art world with a fresh take on Polynesian cultural fine art. The contemporary styled artist enjoys incorporating realism and abstract styles with rich colors and sketch-like strokes to create striking imagery with underlying cultural themes.


Exploration of textures and acrylic paints has led to his signature use of wood and bark as a canvas. The natural material creates a platform that pays tribute to his ancestral heritage; anchoring the indigenously progressive images in the unfailing values of the past.


Born in Samoa and raised between Samoa and Hawaii, the subject of his work is heavily influenced by his upbringing. Fuimaono credits his parents for instilling a need to preserve, portray, and perpetuate Polynesian cultural values through art.


By creating impactful images that emote familial and island life themes, he is able to portray common threads in the fabric of society through a Pacific Islander lens.

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